Music is my source of happiness

I’ve been to Beyonce’s concert last year and it was my first real concert ever and now I just bought my ticket for Boyce Avenue’s. I’m just feeling randomly happy that my two first concerts are two of my biggest favorite artists lol =)

Anonymous asked:

Wow ur sims look so real! Do you photoshop their bodies?

Thank you! =) 
About my sims’ bodies, I don’t edit them a lot, the skins are the way they are in game. I just sometimes fix few details like Ezekiel’s obliques for example, or Cassidya’s boobs lol. But on Eze’s most recent pic, I have edited his thigh, with the muscle detail, but that is all. :P 

Anonymous asked:

Can we expect some more Bodysuits coming from you? I mean you are obviously the Queen of Sim-Bodysuits (which makes Cassidya is the Queen and Eze the King of Simblr)! No, but Jokes aside.. I love your work, you have your very own Style, which I adore and admire, no one in this Community makes this Game look so freaking glamorous and gorgeous as you. So thank you, Circa! <3

Yes, I will definitely make more bodysuits! I actually have some new ones freshly created but I’m waiting to see if I will release them with a project I have in mind for a while now and that I want to find the time and motivation to do. And thank you so much for your kind words, It’s truly appreciated and heartwarming <3